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The Second Workshop

The second workshop in Olsztyn, Poland in September 2023 was a fantastic and enriching experience for the students from the four participating countries. The combination of hard work on robotic tasks and discussions on robophilosophy have provided a unique and valuable learning opportunity.

Exploring Olsztyn and Gdansk added a cultural dimension to the experience, allowing students from Portugal, Romania, and France to discover new places and broaden their perspectives. While dedicated to their tasks, they also seized moments of joy, taking advantage of the incredible warm weather for a refreshing swim in Olsztyn's Ukiel lake.

This workshop was more than just work; it was about making connections and memories that will stick with us. Old friendships got stronger, and new ones popped up, sprinkled with moments of laughter and, yes, a few goodbye tears. The good times we shared during this memorable experience ; it wasn't just a workshop; it was an adventure that's going to stick in our minds for a long time!