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The Second Steering Committee

At the midway point of our project, having completed student workshops in Romania and Poland, it was crucial for us to convene and assess our progress. Our gathering took place in the enchanting city of Braga, Portugal, where educators and project participants collaborated at CIM Cavado and Agrupamento de Escolas Carlos Amarante. This school will be the venue for the third workshop in February 2024.

Our meeting served as a highly productive steering committee session, dedicated to evaluating our project's trajectory. We reviewed student feedback from past workshop, delved into financial considerations and guidelines, analysed successes and areas for future enhancement, and pondered the project's impact on diverse target groups. Detailed plans for inter-workshop activities in schools were outlined, alongside the design of the third workshop. We also outlined the Women in Science exhibition which will take place by the project's conclusion.

This collaborative gathering, without students this time, provided an invaluable opportunity for collective brainstorming. Our hosts graciously showcased their school/office and the captivating historical charm of Braga, an experience we cherished and are confident will captivate the students when they visit in few months.