Association franco polonaise Côtes d'Armor Warmie et Mazurie (ACAWM) is the project leader.

Partner of the Conseil Départemental des Côtes d'Armor, the ACAWM's mission is to develop European brotherhood through projects and bilateral exchanges within the framework of decentralised cooperation between the region ofWarmia and Mazury and the département of Côtes d'Armor.

Role of the ACAWM in this project consists of organisation of joint consultation and preparatory work, including:

  • writing of the project,

  • stewardship of mobilities for steering committees and pupil mobilitiesin partnership with the host country structures,

  • supervision of the whole process,

  • overall management,

  • coordination of the installation of management tools (agreements, etc.) in particular with the organisations' accountants,

  • internal communication between partners and their network by country

  • updating the eTwinning and Erasmus+ Project Results platforms

  • support in drawing up the dissemination plan for all the participants

  • coordination of the implementation of the dissemination plan, (e.g.during European days)

  • external promotional communication, in conjunction with the variouspartners,

  • support and coordination for the final restitution